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Philosophy: Take Care of the Details

You want a value-based contractor -- up-front with all costs. You will receive an actual cost estimate describing the work to be done 

We understand how to expedite details, often including many outside the bid. Whether cleaning a light switch, re-stretching and cleaning a carpet, texturing an extra wall area, or replacing electrical covers, there are usually many small things that are needed that add up to a truly finished job. 

We are willing to do all of the small extra things to make it look like everything was redone right. 


We don't waste any of your time or money.  We give you a punchlist with priority items, allowing for cost-effective, time-saving procedures to get your property moved fast.

We are value-based, and upfront with all costs. We've seen the bad experiences and recomend the best way to achieve quality results!

We use only reputable, experienced subcontractors that do quality work at an honest price.

About Us
Tom Naylor
Tom Naylor

Tom Naylor's work experience spans a variety of fields.  His skills with the trades began with art framing, furniture building and assisting with family construction projects.

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Robert Naylor
Robert Naylor

Robert Naylor has been a construction superintendent for over 30 years, building custom homes, condominiums and commercial projects.

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